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No computerized graphic art or digital tole can be created using Susan Kelley's designs.



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Meet the Artist
Susan Kelley:  Decorative Painting Designer, Author and Teacher...

I have been painting and crafting for more than twenty years now. I suppose it is more than just a hobby at this point, but to this day I still love being creative!

My mother used to take art classes when I was younger and I enjoyed seeing her finished projects. She liked to sew and do needlepoint... and back in the 70's, she would embroider on my favorite jean shirts and bell bottoms! She used to make clothes for me and even made all my bridesmaid dresses! I remember that she also took a Calligraphy course and for many years, she painted ceramics. Dad was artsy too, and liked to draw horses and create 3-dimensional plans for rooms and buildings. He has always had some type of workshop and he taught me saw-safety rules when I got my first workshop! Not to mention that he and mom helped us build it!

In 2001, Puddles of Paint was born.  I spent huge amounts of time learning to design, create and maintain this website. Graphic design is second only to my love for decorative painting!  But, it was really fun learning how to create all these little images and whatnots.

Originally from Ohio but raised in Georgia, which is where I still live with most of my family. My hubby, Spencer, is not-so-crafty, but he is very supportive of my habit... uhm... I mean of my art. I have 3 boys, 3 wonderful daughter in laws, and four awesome grandchildren. I am also the proud mama of several (stray) cats... don't know how that happened.

In 2008, I donated a kidney to my dad -- it was a whole family effort since we had to travel from Georgia to North Carolina and back many, many times before the transplant could take place. We stayed in a hotel during the recovery stage... it was tough being away from home while experiencing something so life-changing, but very comforting thanks to our other family members who came along to help out and thanks to our best friends who watched after our homes, pets, etc. while we were away.

Now... where was I... oh yes... my art... I have authored and co-authored a few decorative painting books, as well as hundreds of pattern packets and Ornament Collection CDs. My style is usually on the whimsical side and I use acrylics. I love painting all things winter, including my original candy-cane nosed snowmen. 
Now hundreds of pattern packets fill the pages and I've partnered up with Cabin Crafters to sell the wood cutouts to match the packets.  I still have best friend, Linda, cutting wood for me too when she can.  Online video classes are something new to Puddles of Paint... where you can paint with me from the comfort of your home but still get the close-up visual aspect of my painting techniques from the videos.

In 2014, I teamed up with Sharon Saylor Chinn to create PaintingEzine.com which is an online magazine for decorative painters. I am happy to say that it is a big success and continues to grow month after month, year after year!

2018 has already brought about many changes... my parents both passed away less than 2 months apart. Two of my kitties also left us and I've decided that my animal-loving parents must have needed a couple of sweet pets. Going forward into the rest of this year will be challenging, since I spent the majority of 2016 and 2017 caring for mom and dad. Regrouping and reorganizing are on the top of my to-do list. Painting is my therapy... so hopefully there will be a lot of new designs on the horizon!

I hope you will enjoy browsing my website. If you have any questions about me or my artwork, just give me a shout!