Terms of Use

Please respect all Copyright and Terms of Use.  The designs on this website are copyright protected. 


  • May be hand painted by you and resold online or at craft sales, ebay, etsy, etc.
  • May be painted by you and given as gifts.
  • Materials may be downloaded by you for your personal use (if applicable).
  • Patterns may be resized to fit your needs.
  • Palette may be altered to suit your taste.


  • May NOT be mass produced for the gift industry or sold in a wholesale market.
  • Materials (packets, ePackets, videos, etc.) may NOT be shared with others.
  • Materials may NOT be duplicated or copied.
  • May NOT create graphics or digital imagery.
  • May NOT be altered to other media such as cross-stitch, quilting, etc.
  • May NOT use my original photos for any purpose especially for your advertising.

TEACHERS: You may teach my designs (and I appreciate it!) but please purchase one packet for each student at wholesale from me and incorporate that into your fee. You may also just make a copy of the pattern for each student to use during class only but you may not make copies of the instructions or photo. If you have any questions about teaching my designs, I'm happy to answer. Email me!

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