Susan Kelley's Terms of Use

Thank you for taking the time to read my "Terms of Use" and for your interest in my designs.  As many of you know me, I love to share and I hate to sound so strict.  However, much of the information below must be said so that there is no room for misunderstanding.  As an artist and designer in today's computer world ~ you can probably guess at the problems we are facing with modern technology and copyright infringement.  With that said, please understand my need to be so frank and to word things as clearly as possible to avoid any misunderstandings someone may have in using my designs.

All of Susan Kelley's Pattern Packets, ePackets, Books, and CDs are intended for decorative painting purposes only.  After purchasing a design pattern from Susan Kelley, practically anything you hand-paint will be fine-- whether you modify the pattern or change the shape, size or surface -- still fine!  You may sell your handpainted projects at craft shows, craft malls, you may sell them at your website or on ebay; or any sales/craft-related internet market.  As long as they are your handpainted finished items, as long as they are not mass-produced; they must all be HAND PAINTED BY YOU.

You *must* give Susan Kelley credit, as the designer if you sell your handpainted items on the internet (i.e., EBAY, a website, etc.).  This is a new addition to the "Terms of Use".  In the past, it has been appreciated, but not required to give Susan Kelley credit as the designer.  However, in light of more and more EBAY copyright infringement where others are claiming "look alike" designs as their own ~ this is now a *must*.  Please include a statement clearly visible in your description that your item is "based on a design by Susan Kelley".  All copyright infringement will be pursued!!

You may NOT scan or copy Susan Kelley's design photos.  If you plan to sell wood kits, cutouts, etc., you MUST obtain permission from Susan personally to do so, and you must follow the guidelines.  You man not use the photos of her designs to market your product without specifically setting up an agreement with Susan Kelley.  You may only scan a photo of a packet or book that you have purchased that bears Susan Kelley's name, only to resell your personal copy.

Using the designs offered for sale on this website for graphics, scanning, digital reproduction, applique, cross stitch, scrapbooking or any media other than decorative painting, is prohibited.  You cannot scan Susan's designs whether they are from her photos and patterns or yours based on her designs, to sell as scrapbooking embellishments, digital or graphic art, needlepoint or other.  Whether or not you plan to sell or give away these designs, in any of the above mentioned forms, it is still prohibited.  Digital tole or graphic reproduction is strictly prohibited.  You may not recreate these designs using any graphic design software such as Paint Shop Pro.  Changing Susan Kelley's designs into digital tole painting is strictly prohibited.  Signature Tags for forums, email signature lines, and Adoptables are completely prohibited! 

You may photograph your handpainted versions of Susan's designs for teaching use, or uploading to the internet for ebay or website use to identify your product for sale (only).  You may not use Susan Kelley's designs (even your handpainted version that was photographed) to decorate your website, web pages, email, chat groups, message groups or any other like media.

NO scanning or printing of Susan's designs, whether they are your handpainted versions, or copies of Susan's photos.  You may HAND PAINT gift cards, gift tags, bag toppers, etc., for sale but you may NOT paint one then scan and print the rest!  This has been changed 10/03/06.

You may hand paint Susan's designs to create scrapbook pages to use or to sell.  However, you may not scan your painted version or Susan's painted version to use for any scrapbooking media.  Each page that you create to keep or to sell MUST BE handpainted by you!  The term handpainted means to use a paint brush and paint -- coloring in the linedrawing using Paint Shop Pro or similar program does NOT constitute 'handpainted'.

No copies can be made of the printed instructions, line drawings or photos of any of Susan's packets, books, magazine projects, etc. to sell or to give away.  In other words, you cannot recreate Susan's packets, books, etc. to sell or give away.  You may NOT reproduce Susan Kelley's packets or books in any way shape or form!!

You do have permission to copy and adjust the pattern to suit your personal needs. 

Susan Kelley's designs are teacher-friendly!  You are encouraged to teach using any of Susan's designs that you have purchased.  You may photocopy enough patterns to use during class; but the students may only use them during class and they must return them to you when they leave.  You may not photocopy the instructions or color photo.  A suggestion is for you to paint your own version to use as a class sample; and then create your own instructions to teach by.  You may purchase multiples of the same packet at a discount, if you would like to hand them out to your students as part of your class-fee.  Please Email Susan for a discount.

No individual or company has the right to copyright Susan Kelley's designs, nor claim them as their originals; unless a licensing agreement has been signed by Susan.

Please give Susan Kelley credit for the design.  For instance, if you sell your handpainted items on ebay -- a simple statement "Pattern designed by Susan Kelley" or "Based on a design by Susan Kelley" is now mandatory!

Any use other than what is spelled out on this page will require permission from Susan Kelley.

All graphics & Designs on this website are copyright protected.  ©2000-2014, Susan Kelley.

All of Susan Kelley's free patterns carry the same copyright as above.

For copyright information contained in Susan Kelley's decorative painting books; please contact regarding All Things Possible with Puddles of Paint
or contact the publishers: (for All Things Possible Volumes 1 & 2) (for other books designed by Susan)