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*Free Pattern*

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In the meantime, look below for more freebies!

My patterns are shared with you and are intended for you to hand paint your own projects to sell, keep or give away the finished item.  Please DO NOT upload any of my patterns to your website; but instead, you may link to this page (www.puddlesofpaint.com/freepatterns.html)

This free ePacket requires Adobe Reader, which your computer probably already has. If you find that you cannot open the files, you can download a *free* copy of Adobe by clicking the link below.

Once you have downloaded or updated your Adobe Reader, come back here and click the links to grab your free pattern.
From time to time, a new free pattern will be listed above.  The newest free pattern will replace the old one.  All previous "free" patterns from above will be available in the regular ePacket section and will be available for purchase.  Be sure to check back often to grab up the newest design for *free* before it goes into the packets-for-sale category!

Check out the other freebies below!
Get this project *free* from DecoArt!

Have fun painting up this sweet Snowie and little red-bird friend for the Holidays.

Click here to get this Project
Get this project *free* from Plaid!

Here's a fun farm project that I painted for Plaid.  Everyone knows a cow-lover!

Click here to get this Project
Get this project *free* from Plaid!

Here is a fun project I designed for Halloween. You can find the *free* instructions, pattern, and photo (somewhere) at Plaid's website. 

Happy Painting!

Use this link to search through page after page of free projects:  www.plaidonline.com

(or click here for the ePacket!)
Free Project
This is a project that I painted for Plaid.  You should be able to find it at the link below.

(Missing instructions: For the wings, basecoat with Warm White. Shade first with English Mustard, then reinforce along the bottom edges with Burnt Umber. Highlight the wings with Wicker White.)

Bless the Birds
Get this project *free* from DecoArt!
Get this project *free* from DecoArt!
Click here for this ePacket

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